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Kitchen Remodeling & Renovation

We Have A Kitchen Design Showroom Right IN The Heart Of Ellenton, FL

If you have to do the kitchen renovation by yourself, you will have to bear with the stress of obtaining construction permits. We are the best kitchen renovation and remodel company around Manatee County because we handle the entire process from start to finish so you don’t have to deal with the headache.

Our Motto is “from demo to cooking in two weeks.”

Kitchen remodeling encompasses the sensations and feelings you want to have when you feed your family and entertain guests. We understand that and believe the process should be as fun and enjoyable as possible. We love our customers in Manatee County, Sarasota & Pinellas County and take immense pride in serving them. 

Kitchen Remodeling Contractor Near Me

As a professional kitchen remodeling company, we are dedicated to ensuring that all the products and materials we use for your kitchen renovation are the best in class and affordable based on your needs. 

Our expert kitchen renovators have updated information, including modern appliances, trending kitchen designs, and more, which ensures you get results that surpass your expectations. We handle Kitchen Design and also custom kitchen cabinets.

We serve all of Manatee County, Sarasota County, Hillsborough County, including: Ellenton, Bradenton, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Tampa, Sarasota, and all the way to Siesta Keys. We take our customers and jobs very seriously and hope that you will reach out today for a free consultation.


What Makes Us Unique


Luxury Kitchen Design

Just Like Bathroom Remodeling, we have the newest trends to update your kitchen, want a smart kitchen? No Problem. Let’s get rid of the outdated, worn-out tiles, cabinets, and start fresh.

TGA Kitchens & Remodeling offers consultation services on how you should renovate your kitchen to achieve the modern look and accessories that lighten up your kitchen space.

Saves You Money

If your kitchen is extremely outdated, you might be incurring extra costs by using outdated kitchen appliances. Modern kitchen appliances are made to ensure energy saving for home and business owners.

All you need to do is contact our kitchen restoration experts to visit you, analyze your kitchen space, and give suggestions on what needs to be improved.



No need to wait weeks for your ideas to come to life, fast renderings are our specialty.

If you want to add value to your property, TGA Kitchens & Remodeling is dedicated to providing high quality kitchen restoration services to you at affordable costs.


We work with the highest-quality European materials to ensure maximum durability.

Choosing the right materials could be extremely time consuming, not finding the right material, but finding one that is readily available or out of stock is very hard, Wesloft Remodeling & Renovation makes the entire process feel seamless. 


The Art of Kitchen Remodeling

Many home owners searching for kitchen remodeling contractors don’t know where to start. Our process is time tested and takes the guesswork out of choosing a new kitchen. If you want new kitchen cabinets or a full redesign of your kitchen, we start with a custom set of questions to get an understanding of your priorities, and budget. We then walk you through our showroom which can be done virtually as well, and come up with a plan of attack that fits your needs. We have experience doing cost effective and also award winning designed kitchen renovations. Once we go through our questionnaire, we will come up with a kitchen that matches your needs. Our business runs on referrals and we want to make you so happy with your new kitchen that you tell all of your friends.


Luxury Kitchen Renovations

If you are searching for kitchen restoration companies near me, then you have made the right decision. You should probably hire our kitchen restoration services to transform you’re your old and simple kitchen space into a magic room. Why should you hire us as your kitchen refurbishment contractor to do the job for you? Below are some reasons why we are the best kitchen remodeling company in Manatee County & Sarasota County.

With our extensive experience in kitchen remodeling and renovations, we can transform your kitchen space to give it a new and modern look. We can create custom kitchen cabinets and have a full array of in stock kitchen cabinets in our showroom. We can build counter tops and do everything to make sure you have a modern design that will make your neighbors jealous. It does not matter if you want large or small scale transformation; we use high quality craftsmanship to achieve the expectations of our clients. We offer kitchen renovation services for residential, commercial hotels, and restaurants.

We have attention to detail and have actually partnered with a design firm that does staging to make sure your new kitchen design has the latest trends and matches your lifestyle. We strive to stay within your budget whether you want to change the layout or complete kitchen update.

Manatee County's Best Reviewed Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

My name is Tomer, owner and operator of TGA Kitchens & Remodeling, a state of the art kitchen remodeling company. It has taken us a long time to get there but we have grown through our honesty and dedication to our clients.

After working with clients over the last 10 years and doing hundreds of kitchen remodeling projects throughout Manatee & Sarasota County, we’ve been able to come up with a system that works. We do not use subcontractors and we handle everything from end to end including design and installation. We have a best in class large kitchen and bathroom showroom in Ellenton FL to make your kitchen remodeling experience as easy as possible. 

Our service is boutique and we take pride in our kitchen remodels. In fact, we were just featured on Houzz for one of our unique Kitchens! We believe that your kitchen is an important aspect of your home and is often referred to as “the heart of your home.” If you are searching for a “kitchen remodeling contractor near me”, you can rely on TGA Kitchens & Remodeling.  I personally want you to have a kitchen transformation without any hassle at an affordable price where you leave feeling taken care of.  When you work with us, you’re working with family. That’s the premier difference.

  • How long does it take to remodel a kitchen?
    Typically there are no permits required to remodel a kitchen. Once the kitchen design phase is complete and you have selected your kitchen products, we are able to go from demolition to a fully finished kitchen in two weeks. We have the fastest turn around time in Sarasota, Manatee, Hillsborough County's.
  • Where can I get my kitchen designed?
    We conveniently handle all kitchen design in house. You can come to our showroom and pick out everything you need from cabinetry to countertops and appliances. We then create a visual kitchen design so you know exactly how your kitchen will look before it gets completed and before you pay a deposit. You can visit our showroom located right off exit 220 off i-75 inside ellenton premium outlets.

Make Your Dream Project Come True With TGA Remodeling

If you’re looking to update and beautify your home with attractive, durable cabinets or vanity upgrades, TGA Kitchens turns your vision into reality. We are just a call away!

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